Life Coaching

A Life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness
— Elaine MacDonald

While working as a personal trainer, clients felt comfortable telling me their problems and I started helping them work through those struggles. Through this practice I found my passion for life coaching.  As a life coach I strive to empower my clients to love themselves and to develop a healthy body image. Life coaching sessions are personalized to help each client gain clarity and express his or her feelings in a safe environment.  I help my clients to get out of their own way, move forward, and realize their personal and professional goals. I help to empower my clients to stretch themselves further than they think possible while holding them accountable for their actions and behaviors.  It is my role as coach to support each client in making positive changes.


“I have the utmost and highest regard for Christina as both a Life Coach and Personal Trainer.  Over the last 30 years I have worked with many personal trainers and counselors. She is unequaled.  No one has combined her expertise, knowledge, motivation and professionalism in a total package. I am more than happy to attest and amplify to anyone who wants further reference.”

-Gene S.


“Christina has been an invaluable resource for me.  
During our coaching sessions, I have learned how to think more creatively and deeply. Christina has helped me to see a clear path and a vision for my life. She has given me tools to help me manage my thoughts better. How I think and live today is different than it was when I first started my life coaching sessions with her. She has helped me physically and mentally with a very positive experience. She has given me the best support in every session.”

-Katie T.


“Christina is a very calming presence and has a lovely approach to her life coaching. She listens in detail and always remembers even the smallest thing you bring up in a session. She strives to tailor workouts and life coaching sessions to your specific needs and never makes you feel less than or like you can’t do something. The support she gives is unmatched and she’s always willing to laugh with you or grab a coffee and just be present.”

-Lauren T.



All pricing below is based off 50 minute sessions
Recommendation for success: 1 session/week

$100 - 1 session
$350 - 4 sessions
$650 - 8 sessions